Awkward Robots Anthology: The Green Volume

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Awkward Robots Anthology: The Green Volume

Awkward Robots
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The students from Clarion 2012 (a.k.a. 'The Awkward Robots') have brewed an eerily bubbling concoction of fiction for imbibing this Halloween! The Green Volume brings you stories of gnome-killing boy scouts, hologram-assisted self-interrogation, epic Norse monsters and the librarians who fight them, horrors both tentacled and branched, and more.

For fans of Sam Miller’s The Art of Starving (Junior Library Guild Selection, Kirkus Starred Review), there is exclusive interview content from the Storylogical Podcast and the short story Allosaurus Burgers, about Matt’s life before he learned the Art. For fans of Lara Elena Donnelly’s Amberlough (the sequel to which, Armistice, drops March 28, 2018), there is a never-before-seen cut-scene from backstage at the Bee.

All proceeds (after hosting fees) going to The Clarion Foundation.

Table of Contents:

Magical Extermination Patch, by Sadie Bruce

The Librarian and the Troll, by E.G. Cosh

A Different Angle: An Amberlough Story, by Lara Elena Donnelly

Carrier of the Love That Always Leaves You, a poem by Eric Esser

Unspool, Unravel, by Jonathan Fortin

Monsters and Virgins, by Chris Kammerud

The Tree and the Boy, by R.K. Kalaw

Carpathian Music, by S.M. Mack

Graywalkers, a poem by Dan McMinn

Allosaurus Burgers, by Sam J. Miller

The Fork in the Green Room, by Luke R. Pebler

Interview with Sam J. Miller, by Chris Kammerud

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