Awkward Robots Anthology: The Orange Volume

Awkward Robots
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An anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories in support of the Clarion Foundation

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From the Awkward Robots, Clarion class of 2012.

The wonderful stories contained within are--

“Lost Memories of Air” by Deborah Bailey.

“L4G” by Eliza Blair.

“Ninja Fishing” by Lisa Bolekaja.

“Sugar and Spice” by Sadie Bruce.

“The Sudoku Enthusiast Explains Herself ” by Danica Cummins.

“The Dirty American” by Lara Elena Donnelly.

“Fable of the Box” by Eric Esser.

“Lost Ring” by Jonathan Fortin.

“End of the World” by Chris Kammerud.

“The Sugar Bees” by Ruby Katigbak.

“The Rules Our Mother Made About the Sea” by Pierre Liebenberg.

“Plenty of Time” by Sarah Mack.

“Sweets and Sorrows” by Dan McMinn.

“Renunciation Orange” by Sam J. Miller.

“Effectively Absolute” by Luke R. Pebler.

Cover art “Promenade” by E.G. Cosh. 

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Awkward Robots Anthology: The Orange Volume

0 ratings
I want this!