Awkward Robots Anthology: The Yellow Volume

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Awkward Robots Anthology: The Yellow Volume

Awkward Robots
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The Yellow Volume collects original fiction from award-winning authors to support the Clarion Foundation's essential work.

The former students of Clarion 2012 cordially invite you to the weirdest, sexiest, bestest Halloween party of the year. Join in the fun with lovelorn demons, talking mirrors, rabid robot dogs, inexplicable pillars of light, and even the rambling thoughts of long-buried bones! Having raised thousands of dollars with their previous fundraising anthologies, the Awkward Robots have returned in 2016, compiling another 15 amazing stories in their latest fundraising anthology, The Yellow Volume.

Table of Contents

We Trade in Darkness by Pierre Liebenberg

Wizard Party by Jonathan Fortin

Half the World is Night by Deborah Bailey

Always Already Lost by Chris Kammerud

I Bury Myself by Carmen Machado

The Few Things I Still Don’t Know by Luke R. Pebler

Immaculate by Lisa Bolekaja

The Urchin by Lara Elena Donnelly

Jack by R.K. Kalaw

Yellow for Ephemeral by Sam J. Miller

Piles of Dust and Berries by Sadie Bruce

Pillars by Eric Esser

Venom and Love by S.M. Mack

Link Nougat by Dan McMinn

Dog Show Down by E.G. Cosh 

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